Monday, July 14, 2014

Top Ten Vegas Take Aways!

Hey ya'll!  I just got back from the I Teach K Conference in Vegas!  Mercy me,  I am EXHAUSTED!  Everyday I left the conferences my brain was MUSH, filled with such WONDERFUL ideas!  I thought I would share ten USEABLE take aways with ya!

 This sweet ladies website is here, ya'll check her out! I mean how adorbs????

I am SURE ya'll have heard of Cara Carroll, but if NOT, go visit her awesome blog.  I am telling you, she is preciousness packed in an itty bitty body!

Head over to my dear friend Greg Smedley's blog, The Kindergarten Smorgasboard to get this idea along with a TON more!

Amanda Bistline is gonna be one of my new blogs I stalk, her session was amazing!  I mean I was writing the WHOLE time!  The pool noodle number order is just one of the ideas I am stealing from her! 

Have ya'll heard of Peter Harry?? I am psyched I got to meet him!  His presentation was amazing, I am incorporating this idea along with a lot more! I will be referencing him more throughout my school year!  Here's his blog!

#7 (typo on my slide, there shouldn't be two #8s....I am too lazy  busy to fix it) and #8 come from Heidi Butkus, go grab you one of her CD's or DVD's, they are amaze-balls!  Here's her site!

How cute is this idea?!?!?  Katherine Pederson was amazing!  I thoroughly enjoyed her sessions!

Hello?  I am star struck, I met THE Deanna Jump, and honestly one of the sweetest people!  Love her!  Check her blog out!

I had an amazing time at the conferences, but my ALL time FAVORITE thing from all week is that my hubby was drug on stage during Zumanity Cirque du Soleil!  It was absolutely HILARIOUS!  My stomach STILL hurts from laughing so hard!