Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Five Minutes in a Teacher's Head

I need to plan centers.  What should I plan? I should look on Pinterest.  Did I order laminating pouches?  I have a MASSIVE amount of laminating to do.  I have a mound of cutting out I need to do.  I need to call Johnny's parents to set up a conference.  That's not going to be fun.  I better get a good end of the year gift from them.  This calls for a stiff drink tonight.  My guided reading plans need to be beefed up.  Wonder what all those super star teachers do??  I am going to bloghop and find out.  I forgot to put my Science grades into gradespeed.  I should plan a field trip.  Oh wait, out district won't allow us to take field trips during testing.  I HATE testing.  I wish I could just TEACH!  No wonder my kids behavior hasn't been that great.  I have been sitting over at a table testing one kid at a time.  Why do we test all the time anyway?  It's a bunch of data we don't do anything with.  What does it prove?  Why am I being evaluated on my students scores?? That is really dumb.   I need to get more words up on my word wall.  I need to post my standards.  I need to get my students work up on the wall.  I have to send home all my kids work.  I need to print out a new calendar.  I really should drink more water.  Oh I can't, that would make me have to pee. I can't pee during the school day.  I should buy more clip art.  And fonts.  I love fonts.  And units.  And centers.  My hubby put me on a tPt freeze this month.  Have I made any money??  My kids love my stations.  It's all worth it.  I need to laminate.  I need to be cutting stuff out.  I wish I could get my classroom library organized.  OH!  I should buy bins!  I love bins!  Target has bins.  And that Dollar Spot.  And colorful pens.  I love colorful pens.  Maybe colorful pens will help with my lesson planning!  EEK! I haven't had anytime to plan!  I need to get on Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.  I need to differentiate.  Sarah is too smart, I need to meet her needs.  I need time to meet with just her.  How?? I have all these kids below benchmark.  Where does the time go?  Did I eat lunch today?  I am tired.  Have I had any planning time this week?  NO!  I have been in meeting after meeting after meeting.  That is SO annoying.  None of these meetings help me with TEACHING.  I wish I could just TEACH!  I wish Eric would stop blurting out.  Maybe I should make a "Blurt Chart" like I have seen on Pinterest.  Oh I love Pinterest.  I love Post Its.  I need Post Its.  Target has Post Its!  I should make a list.  I have got to get started on my report cards.  Do my parents even LOOK at the report cards?  Do they even understand them?  Maybe I should do a workshop on how to understand the report cards.  I wonder if people would come. I could provide snacks.  If you provide snacks they will come.  I will look on Pinterest.  I bet my team would help.  I wish we had funding for the workshop.  What's another $10?  Will my husband speak to me if I plan this?  That's ANOTHER night away from home and money out of our pocket.  We need a date night.  I'm tired.  So tired.  Poor little Sam seems to be really tired lately.  I should contact his parents to see what time he goes to bed.  I need to add that to my list.  I need a list.  Why does my list keep getting longer?  I feel overwhelmed and unorganized.  I should look on Pinterest for organizing ideas.......