Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Five Minutes in a Teacher's Head

I need to plan centers.  What should I plan? I should look on Pinterest.  Did I order laminating pouches?  I have a MASSIVE amount of laminating to do.  I have a mound of cutting out I need to do.  I need to call Johnny's parents to set up a conference.  That's not going to be fun.  I better get a good end of the year gift from them.  This calls for a stiff drink tonight.  My guided reading plans need to be beefed up.  Wonder what all those super star teachers do??  I am going to bloghop and find out.  I forgot to put my Science grades into gradespeed.  I should plan a field trip.  Oh wait, out district won't allow us to take field trips during testing.  I HATE testing.  I wish I could just TEACH!  No wonder my kids behavior hasn't been that great.  I have been sitting over at a table testing one kid at a time.  Why do we test all the time anyway?  It's a bunch of data we don't do anything with.  What does it prove?  Why am I being evaluated on my students scores?? That is really dumb.   I need to get more words up on my word wall.  I need to post my standards.  I need to get my students work up on the wall.  I have to send home all my kids work.  I need to print out a new calendar.  I really should drink more water.  Oh I can't, that would make me have to pee. I can't pee during the school day.  I should buy more clip art.  And fonts.  I love fonts.  And units.  And centers.  My hubby put me on a tPt freeze this month.  Have I made any money??  My kids love my stations.  It's all worth it.  I need to laminate.  I need to be cutting stuff out.  I wish I could get my classroom library organized.  OH!  I should buy bins!  I love bins!  Target has bins.  And that Dollar Spot.  And colorful pens.  I love colorful pens.  Maybe colorful pens will help with my lesson planning!  EEK! I haven't had anytime to plan!  I need to get on Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.  I need to differentiate.  Sarah is too smart, I need to meet her needs.  I need time to meet with just her.  How?? I have all these kids below benchmark.  Where does the time go?  Did I eat lunch today?  I am tired.  Have I had any planning time this week?  NO!  I have been in meeting after meeting after meeting.  That is SO annoying.  None of these meetings help me with TEACHING.  I wish I could just TEACH!  I wish Eric would stop blurting out.  Maybe I should make a "Blurt Chart" like I have seen on Pinterest.  Oh I love Pinterest.  I love Post Its.  I need Post Its.  Target has Post Its!  I should make a list.  I have got to get started on my report cards.  Do my parents even LOOK at the report cards?  Do they even understand them?  Maybe I should do a workshop on how to understand the report cards.  I wonder if people would come. I could provide snacks.  If you provide snacks they will come.  I will look on Pinterest.  I bet my team would help.  I wish we had funding for the workshop.  What's another $10?  Will my husband speak to me if I plan this?  That's ANOTHER night away from home and money out of our pocket.  We need a date night.  I'm tired.  So tired.  Poor little Sam seems to be really tired lately.  I should contact his parents to see what time he goes to bed.  I need to add that to my list.  I need a list.  Why does my list keep getting longer?  I feel overwhelmed and unorganized.  I should look on Pinterest for organizing ideas.......


  1. This so is me!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. HA! Sounds like my SLP brain too!

  3. I LOVE this post....this is so unbelievably true, even though it is hilarious! Thanks for helping us see the humor in our stress! Definitely going to follow you after this fabulous post. :)
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