Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Peek at our Math Stations

Here's a quick peek at our math stations! 

 This one I got from The Printable Princess, the student just counts and records!  Simple, they love it!
 Student builds with Duplo blocks (can't go wrong with building blocks!!) the amount listed.
 These two pictures are from Kindergarten Smorgasboard, number puzzles!

Another Printable Princess station - this time with PLAY-DOH! 
 This station is a FREEBIE from Making Learning Fun!  Building numerals with pattern blocks!
 This is my creation - LOL!  Pipe cleaner with a numeral, student puts that many beads on!  Great for fine motor!
 Putting bugs in a jar, what kid wouldn't love this?!?!  I gave them bug catchers (clothespins) that they had to pick the bugs up with (I'm sneaky with my fine motor work!)The boys at this station today said the bugs were poisonous! 

 Unifex cube towers! Student put the mats in order, then built away!

 Parquet block creation - free choice or I provided mats!
 Printable Princess writing numerals!

 More Duplo Blocks.  This time filling a truck up with the correct amount of blocks! This is a freebie from The Measured Mom!

Now all ya need to do is get more ink for your printer and get to printing and laminating!  My sweet nuggets had a blast!

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