Monday, September 8, 2014

Farm Week: Oh Lovely Mud!

Tomorrow starts our FARM week!  I am excited about this week!  I have a TON of stuff planned, the kids are going to be "farmed out!"  So here we go!

Monday - I am dressing up like Mrs. Wishy Washy - slippers and all!  I am totally going to embarrass my OWN boys when I drop them off wearing slippers, an apron and a do rag, but that is what Moms do, right?!?  So for reading, we are going to brainstorm different farm animals and write them down on a web.  We will graph our favorite farm animal on this adorable barn I made!

Then I will read Mrs. Wishy Washy, I have small plastic animals and we will make them muddy and wash them in a tub, just like Mrs. Wishy Washy!  We will then draw a picture of what we would do if Mrs. Wishy Washy made us take a bath.  I bought Mrs. Bremer's Wishy Washy Packet, lemme tell ya, it is amaze-balls.  If you are doing Mrs. Wishy Washy anytime soon, this is a great packet for your kinders - money well spent, IMO!

For Math we are reviewing tens frames and beginning addition.  We will discuss what the "plus" sign means and make an addition anchor chart:

We will make this addition anchor chart:

We will "act out" farm addition story problems using my sons farm animals! 

The kids will be using a barn as a math mat and moving farm animals to show me the sum.  Here's your freebie Barn math mat!

For Tier 2/3 time we will be doing farm animal study, Monday will be PIGS! Woot!  I made this cutie-patootie chart for recording!  YES, I know the head is small compared to the body, but I gotta have room to write!  We will all get our hands in brown pant and put mud all over this piggy!  #ilovemesses
Reading we will reread Mrs. Wishy Washy and this story map from Mrs. Bremer's packet (seriously ya'll, go get this!)

For Math we will be focusing on the number 3 and making a "Story of 3" anchor chart.  Just like the story of 2 above!  We will revisit our "ballpit" tens frames:

For Tier 2/3 time we will continue our Farm animal study with horses.  I will make a horse anchor chart and the students will illustrate a horse and four things they learned! If we have time we are SO making this:

We will play with mud and make our own mud!  Yep, we are gonna get down and dirty!  As I am typing this I am thinking that I MAY wanna tell the parents to send an extra outfit for their sweet nugget :)  Anywho, we will do a Venn Diagram of read mud versus our pudding mud.  Oh Lovely Mud! I got this idea from Mrs. Wood's Kindergarten!

For Math we will continue with addition and make a "Story of 5" anchor chart.  I will bust out my Math hula hoop and show them all the different ways to make the number 5.

larger version of a number bracelet using a hula hoop and pool noodles ...

For Tier 2/3 time we will learn all about ducks! We will read a nonfiction book about Ducks and write down all the facts we learned.

We will do a kindergarten version of "Readers theater" with the book Mrs. Wishy Washy.  The students will get into group of five and make a setting using big butcher paper.  They will be assigned their part and begin practicing.  There are some cute little reader's theater headbands for FREE here

For Math we will continue focusing on beginning addition!  We will do more hands on work using a cow math mat and black beans for the cows spots!

 Students draw pictures inside the cow of foods that are made from milk (dairy products).    Use this worksheet as a part of the following lesson plan...

We will then illustrate a farm animal addition sentence and make a cute barn! 

farm animal addition/ number sentence

For Tier 2/3 time we will study the COW! We will read a book and watch a video about "A Cows Life" and write down (on sentence strips)
what we learned onto this adorable cow! Don't you just LOVE the kids handprints??? "Udderly" fantastic! (I am NO good a jokes, but I just HAD to......)

Then we will make this moo-rific cow!
Super cute cow craft from Kindergarten Rocks! This would make a great activity to go with Clare Beaton's Cow in the Cabbage Patch.


It's Readers Theater Time!  The kids will put on their "show!" This will be SO much fun for the kiddos!!!  We MAY make this adorable farm, but, of course using the characters in the story!

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: The Big Red Barn & Handprint Farm Animals

In Math we will use animal crackers on tub mats to do some more addition practice!!!

 Mrs. Wishy Washy at The Virtual Vine

Tier 2/3 time we will focus on sheeps and make another anchor chart about what we learned!  we could create these animals and have students write descriptive words for each animal. Then they could use these ideas for a far story for Writer's Workshop.  We have been working on adding descriptive words as we edit , revise and rewrite.

 We will also make our own sheep using bubble wrap:

Bubble Wrap Sheep Craft for Kids #Creative art project |

Here's some more adorable FREEBIES on Mrs. Wishy Washy - go grab them up!

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