Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Look Back

I have been MIA - I know ya'll have missed me!  I assume you haven't taught anything since I haven't posted, LOL!  Here's a look back at the first FULL week of Kindergarten, I will be posting next weeks "plans" soon, PROMISE!

We focused on rules, routines, procedures.  These sweet nuggets have an ENORMOUS amount of energy!  I have to switch gears CONSTANTLY!  They can't sit, squirrely little love doves.  Shew, I am exhausted! SO, besides dancing, singing, chanting, moving, here's what we were up to!


We have been focusing on names, so of course read Chrysanthemum!  That is THE cutest story and fits nicely into following rules (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.).  We charted our names and counted how many letters were in our names.

 I found the cutest idea to make a heart and write things that are hurtful on the heart.  Then write things that are kind and loving on band-aids to cover the hurtful words. You crumple the heart with hurtful words. This showed the sweet nuggets that once you say hurtful words, the heart is never the same. I referred to the heart the rest of the week when I heard unkind words.

We HAD to do this adorbs Chrysanthemum craft that I found!  It turned out so stinking cute!

During writing time we worked on writing our names and we started our August journals!

Check out how we write our names in August!  We have a tad bit of work to do, don't ya think?? I think this is a great anchor chart to repeat every month or so!

We read the story Wemberly Worried and drew a picture of one time we were worried. We read the story The Way I Feel and did this fun magazine scavenger hunt of feelings and then wrote about one time we felt happy.

(this was kinda messy, but they LOVED it!) Here's the feelings cards - FREE on tPt! 

One day we put the sentence "I am a Gower Gator" in order and busted out the green paint and made these beauties!!!

 During math everyday we worked on making number anchor charts for numbers 1-5. (I will spare you the pictures of my beautiful anchor charts) We played the Dr. Jean writing numeral songs and practiced, practiced, practiced! We also explored our math tubs! The math tubs are filled with linking chains, cubes, Legos, marble track, play-doh, K-Nex and other fun math manipulatives. I am basically trying to get them to work with others, know their self space and explore all the awesome stuff we have! These are five year olds y'all, let them play!

At the end of the day we have Tier 2/3 time, however, since this is the first week and we aren't done assessing the sweet nuggets we read stories and did crafts-so fun! Check this awesome craft out my First Grade Blue Skies, called BUStin' into School! It turned out too stinking adorable I had to put them in the hall!

We also did this fun Bad Case of the Stripes painting activity that I got from my good buddy Greg(Kindergarten Smorgasboard). These turned out adorable! And yes, will be going out in the hall as well! After the paint dried(whew they used a ton!!!) we talked about how they all had the same color paints and yet every groups "Camilla" looked different. We are all different and that's what makes us special! If we all looked the same, liked the same things, the world would be BORING!

We also discussed using our Marshmallow Toes in the hallway.  We did the cute "Quiet/Loud" sort in the unit and this adorable craft!

We also did a quick discussion (AGAIN) of using hurtful words and the fact that once those unkind words come out of your mouth, they can't go back in---JUST like toothpaste, once it is out, you can't get it back into the tube. We passed the tube around and said something unkind that has been said to us or that we have said.  Then we passed it around again and tried to put the toothpaste back into the tube.  We realized the toothpaste was stuck all on the cup, just like unkind words stick on our hearts - referred back to the Chrysanthemum heart for the 14,000,999th time :)

That's a little snapshot of our week! Are you tired after this first full week of Kindy??? These sweet nuggets are!

I'll be posting next weeks plans - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!!!

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  1. What a great post! I so want to do that Chrysanthemum craftivity. I also think I will have to squeeze in the magazine scavenger hunt. Thanks for all the great ideas!