Monday, August 4, 2014

Welcome Back!

Ok ya'll I have worked my toosh off! My room is 'somewhat' done!!!! I truly think teaching is one of those professions that you are NEVER done. No matter how late you stay, how many hours ya put in on the weekend, you are.never.done!!! I have tons more to do in the room but honestly this is the most organized I have been ---EVER so, here's hoping for a great year! I met the parents of my sweet nuggets today, can I just tell ya, they are adorbs!  They were taking notes ya'll!!!  They were asking questions, they were even filling out the forms we told them to worry about later!  A bunch of over achievers, SIGN.ME. UP!   They even PILED my bins outside of room FULL of supplies! It was like freakin' Christmas! My team was a bit jealous! I gotta say, quite exciting when school hasn't even started and I am loaded with supplies and parents asking to help! Woot! Woot! 

If you don't put boxes out for Parent Night or your First Day of School - START!  The parents sort all the stuff for ya, then you can shove it into your closet/bathroom/shelf - or dare I say it, a cutie-patootie bin??  I'm KICKING myself for not taking an "after shot" of these boxes, they were OVERflowing, talk about this teacher being GIDDY! 

Here's a little glimpse of the hallway and entrance to my room! 

Cute, right?!?!? I didn't take a picture of the massive pile of junk under my desk - which I SAY I will get to "later."  We ALL know, that ain't happening!

Here's my back wall - it is a TON of Goodwill (I popped tags!) frames spray painted fun greens and blues.  We are putting the sweet nuggets work in those frames - cute, cheap and showcasing their work, YES PLEASE!  I bought Command photo holders to clip their work into - quick and WON'T fall of the wall (doesn't that drive you to drink make you crazy?)! Here's a link to the hooks I bought from Amazon:

Here's some more glimpses of my room! 

Tomorrow is another packed day of meetings, then we get to meet our Sweet Nuggets on Wednesday!  When does your school start??

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  1. Your room looks great. I know it was a lot of hard work. We will be the pirates this year!